What is this blog?

As the impacts of climate change grow more real every week, scarcity over resources like food, water and land will push more people to leave their homes and migrate to resource rich countries. Estimates have said we could have 200 million climate refugees by the year 2050. Unfortunately, in the United States, the climate justice and immigrant rights movements are rarely in communication with one another. We desperately need to work together in the coming years to develop justice focused adaptation pathways to deal with the global crisis of climate refugees and climate migrants.

This blog is my attempt to link some of the conversations within these two movements. It is my call to action for the environmental and social justice communities to unite before we are torn apart.

Who am I?

I’m a community organizer working, living and loving in the Southeastern part of the United States. I’m a mixed race and white-passing, queer feminist woman who is trying to be and build the bridge between environmental and social justice communities. While I am originally from Chicago, arguably the heart and home of community organizing in the US, I am learning more than I ever imagined in the belly of the beast. I have a BA in environmental justice studies, but have found most of my education happens in the streets. Currently, I work for an well established nonprofit on the issues of climate change and local pollution, and spend a lot of time thinking about how to better incorporate social and economic justice issues into our campaign. By no means am I an expert in issues of climate migrants, but am doing my best to read up and write up as much as I can.


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